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* Location

Equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Located in the capital city of Raipur, in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Well connected by rail, road and air, the company’s manufacturing unit benefits from the age old experience of the promoters in doors and windows.

* Equipments and Trained Man Power

To make exclusive and sturdy uPVC doors and windows, machines have especially been imported . These are operated by trained personnel specializing in the production of such exclusive doors and windows.

Fabrication/Manufacturing Process for uPVC Windows & Doors.

Cutting to Size
The uPVC profiles are cut in order size with the help of digital mitre saws.

Milling & Drilling
Slots for locks, hardware fitting and draining water are made.

Re-inforcement is cut according to size & inserted into the uPVC profiles for additional strength and screwed.

The uPVC profiles are fusion welded to form windows & doors.

Corner Cleaning & Trimming
After fusion welding the corners are trimmed & cleaned for a smoother finish.

Air Tightening
To make windows air tight, sound-proof and water proof a high compressed EPDM rubber gasket sealing is inserted in profile grooves.

Hardware & Glass Fitting
At the final assembly stage the hardware & glass fitting is done to get a finished window.

Packing & Transportation
The windows are packed to ensure a safe transportation keeping in mind that they reach the site in scratch less condition.